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Providing children with a home filled with love is the best way to develop a happy,positive and inwardly healthy child. Statements that you make about your children can have enduring impact. So too can the actual way that your house feels and looks.

Children learn more than  you think at home

Colors, textures, sounds and the types of people that you allow inside your home help to shape your children. Much of the impact that your home has on your children may take root at the subconscious level. This offers you boundless opportunities to encourage learning at home.

Few children find the rigid structure of school exciting. If you're like many parents, you have to stay on your children to ensure that they get out of bed, washed up,dressed and out of the house to school on time. Rely on busy school teachers to provide your children with all of their education and you could set your children up for limited experiences.

Make learning exiting right at home

To improve your children's chances of excelling, encourage learning at home. To make learning exciting at home:

  • Install built in bookcases in your living room, finished basement and children's bedrooms. Fill the bookcases at your house with colorful children's books and interactive, educational videotapes.
  • Read to your children starting with their first year. You could start reading books to your children at home within the first few months that your children come home from the hospital.
  • Play language tapes.
  • Speak two languages at home.
  • Create games that encourage learning at home. For example, you could create a storyboard and ask children what certain animals do. Celebrate when your children answer the questions correctly. Also, let children place a picture of the animal on a magnetic board.
  • Draw pictures of places, objects and symbols of words that you are teaching your children.
  • Ask children to tell you what's happening in novels or plays that they are reading.
  • Enjoy the lifelong habit of reading great books yourself. Let your children see you reading.

Studies have discovered that children start to pick up information about the world while they are in the womb. To give their children a head start in the world, some mothers play quality music, read books out loud and play educational tapes while they are pregnant. Reducing stress, eating a healthy diet, exercising and filling your home with educational material also helps children to develop positively, especially as it regards learning.

It's never too early to encourage learning at home. Try reading educational books and watching educational movies and videos yourself. Explore subjects that you aren't currently well versed in. See if your knowledge base doesn't broaden. The same happens with your children. But, it's not just about filling your children's mind with lots of information. A broad knowledge base can improve your children's confidence, the very thing that can make it easier for your children to pursue their passions and continue their learning.