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The bathroom is one of those rooms that home buyers focus on upgrading once they generate enough savings to finally design the house they've always wanted. Fresh floral arrangements, modern flooring and natural light are just a few bathroom features that home buyers appreciate. It's not all about the size of your bathroom.

Pay attention to these bathroom features

If a small bathroom has winning features, home buyers could find the room attractive. This is not to say that people won't zone in on your bathroom's square footage during an open house. It's that you shouldn't assume that your bathroom will get you a home run just because your bathroom is large. Your bathroom could cost you a house sale for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Mold - There may be no bigger turn off than bathroom mold, especially when you consider that the bathroom is the place where you brush your teeth and place you bare skin against tile, marble, metal or vinyl surfaces. Call a contractor if mold is deep or covers a large space in your bathroom. A contractor could keep mold pores from spreading. An experienced contractor can also clean away all or nearly all of the mold in your bathroom.
  • Outdated floor tiles - Old bathroom floor tiles date your house. Before you put your house on the market, consider buying new tiles. Watch a few educational videos and you could lay the new tiles yourself.
  • Cluttered counters - Clear off bathroom counters. Wipe away excess water and dried soap stains.
  • Ugly faucets - Install attractive tub and sink faucets. Opt for white or silver faucet handles. Too much color could turn home buyers with conservative personalities off.
  • Worn bath towels - You may have grown accustomed to looking at the same bath towels that you've used and washed for two years.Those same worn bath towels could turn away potential home buyers.
  • Faded or wet bath rugs - Home buyers will more than likely purchase their own bath rugs. Yet, they'll attach your rugs to the room when they walk through your house. Don't let wet or faded bath rugs cost you a sale. Invest in a new set of bath rugs. You could also pull the rugs up and leave the floor bare.
  • Shower only bathrooms - You might only take showers. However, people who come to your open houses might prefer to relax in a warm bubble bath. Consider adding a tub, even a stand alone tub, to your bathroom.
  • Stained or cracked bathroom mirrors - Clean bathroom mirrors. If stains are permanently set into mirrors, replace mirrors.The same applies for cracked mirrors.

Although most bathrooms are away from home entrances and exits, that doesn't mean that you should pay less attention to your bathroom when preparing to sell your house. By ensuring that your bathroom features are modern, mold free, easy to use and aesthetically refined, you could keep your bathroom from costing you a sale.You could even turn your bathroom into a space that open house attendees rave about.